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Spring Flooding Outlook only Weeks Away! Get Ready.


The National Weather Service has put out a Spring Flood Outlook

Keep in mind March is only a few weeks away: We do Water Extraction! Get ready for spring flooding. If you live in a flood plain make sure you are covered with flood insurance and make sure it's up to date.

New video showing the power of Steam

Just a quick note, we are starting our YouTube video with tips and tricks for keeping your carpet and home clean. 

Our first video shows the before and after while using our "Steamway Powermatic 2100" while cleaning some heavily trafficked carpet.

Stay tuned for more video's showing tips and tricks.

Earth Day Event 5-1-2010

Helped out a Client of ours.  We participated in a Adopt A Highway Project.  Picking up garbage and debris alongside Hwy 10 St. Cloud, MN.  Found some dead deer and lots of metal debris too.  It's amazing at how much garbage are in the ditches.  Nice to clean it up after the long and cold MN winters.  Getting it ready for spring mowing.  We had a fantastic time volunteering.  Thanks to Doug K. for the photo and Thanks to our client for letting us participate with them. 


Great Dane Diarrhea 04/24/2010

A Great Dane got sick and we got the call to try to rescue the carpeting. Doggy Diarrhea.
Here are some Before and After Shots!  It helped to have the carpets cleaned because the odor was strong.  We were able to make the situation much better.  Sure hope the Dog is feeling better too!



Thank-you! 04/21/2010

So today we cleaned the carpets again at Bobby Vee's beautiful old home. Thanks to our customer for having us over again. Thank-you!

Saturday House Calls 04/17/2010

It's Saturday! Weather forecast for today is sunny and high of 67. Making house calls again today and getting places ready for Mother's Day. Nice working weather...still in a red flag warning...pretty dry out. Good drying weather for carpet cleaning!

We came highly recommended by the carpet mills! 04/15/2010

On the road again today! Went to Northern MN past Leech Lake...on the road doing a warranty call again for the carpet mills. We came highly recommended! It was a great day for a drive, to view the lakes and see the wilderness pop out. Trees are finally getting leaves! And the temperature was just right.

03/08/2010 Carpeted Kitchen

Carpeted Kitchen


In these photos are grease and soil. Noted: there are several burns in this carpet.
You can tell where they had a plastic runner and a couple of small little area rugs. The plastic runner was laid on the floor in front of the main entrance door to the home

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