"I have had the pleasure of seeing first-hand the exceptional abilities fo both Shirley and Neva Andersen of Minnesota Steamway.  As a real estate agent in Central Minnesota I have witnessed quite a few houses that have had years worth of carpet abuse.  Stains ranging in all varieties have infiltrated these carpets making the houses themselves difficult to sell.  When I am hired to sell a house whose flooring has undergone this type of neglect the first call I make is to Minnesota Steamway.  Both Shirley and Neva are courteous, professional and extremely knowledgeable.  I am amazed each encounter I have with them how exceptionally clean they can get the carpets and how fast they move (not to mention how reasonable they are in terms of price).  I have also used Minnesota Steamway to clean my own carpets.  I have no doubt that Minnesota Steamway can tackle any all situations that may arise in your property.  Call them today for fast and effective service!"  Jesse Godzala


"Shirley & Neva Andersen cleaned our carpets at Keith's Kettle.  They did a great job, were very prompt, professional and worked well with my staff.  I trust them enough that they were at the restaurant alone for two hours, I then came in & locked up.  I would highly recommend their carpet cleaning business."  Keith Olson, Owner Keith's Kettle in Clearwater, MN


"Awesome job - Carpets and furniture look great! Very happy with the results and the price - I highly recommend Minnesota Steamway."  Kim Kluempke 

"MN Steamway has provided our company with general cleaning and carpet cleaning services for over 12 years.  Shirley and Neva Andersen are professional and provide very good and timely cleaning of our facilities.  We are very satisfied with their work."  Bruce

"I have had the Minnesota Steamway clean my carpets and upholstery over the past ten years.  Neva and Shirley have always done a superb and quality job.  My carpets and upholstery always look fantastic when they are done.  They also take pride in giving extra attention to all spots, stains and high traffic areas.  I would highly recommend them for your carpet and upholstery needs."  Kathy P.

"Thank-you for the great job you do cleaning our carpets.  Even with 2 dogs & a houseful of kids you make our carpets look like NEW again!"  Bruce & Leann

"I am happy to recommend Mn Steamway Carpet Cleaning Service.  Shirley and 
Neva are both very professional, friendly and courteous, offering a high 
quality detail oriented carpet cleaning service.  They have great equipment 
and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure they meet their customers 
expectations.   They are a pleasure to have in our home and we love the way 
they leave our carpet looking like new!"  Brush & Roll Painting

"Neva from Minnesota Steamway has been doing my house cleaning since June of 2008.  I have a multi level home that they do the dusting & vacuuming, washes all my floors, hardwood included; clean the entire bathroom (I have 3) - floor, tub, toilet, sink, mirror, etc.  Sometimes they have a little extra time and do other odd jobs like washing my patio door or even wipe down the kitchen cupboards.  If I need something extra or special done, all I need to do is ask and they willingly do it.  I feel they are very trustworthy and allow them in my house when I am not at home.  I also feel they are very discreet in that I trust they do not go around talking about what they do for me or what they see in my home.  I have tried a few other cleaning services (private and commercial) but none of them compare to the excellent service provided by Neva and Minnesota Steamway." Kathy

"We were introduced to Shirley and Neva of Minnesota Steam Way when we built a 
Motel in Howard Lake.  They cleaned our room carpets within days of our call. 
  When the Motel was sold, they did our new house carpets and I liked how long 
they stayed clean.
We did change to commercial cleaners locally and from Minneapolis, that was a 
mistake.  Boy were we disappointed and unhappy with the cleaning jobs they 
did compared to Shirley and Neva AND it didn't last!
I just had Shirley and Neva come back to our house and I'm sooooooooooooo 
happy.  The carpet is beautiful, just like it was new.
I know who I will call next time." Bonnie

"Satisfied Customer! I was amazed!  What a fabulous job Neva did.  I had stains in my carpet that 
I never thought would come out, and they are gone!  I couldn't believe it!  I 
would recommend Neva to absolutely anyone looking to deep clean their home or 
apartment.  I was so happy to come home to the cleanest home I've ever had!  
Thank you!!" Louie

 "I have been in the Kirby Vacuum business for over 38 years. I have seen the work Shirley and Neva Andersen do and it is the best of any carpet cleaning business I have seen, and I have I seen a lot.  Shirley and Neva Andersen not only have State of the Art equipment but also have the knowledge and the work ethics to make sure the job is done right.  I recommend them over any other carpet cleaning service in Minnesota." 

John Henry---Kirby Company

"Thank-you very much.  My carpets & sofa looked very nice.  Thanks for getting me in on such short notice. :-)" Jane

"Thanks, Shirley.  Carpets look great!" Margie