10 Reasons

10 Reasons Why You’ll Have a Cleaner Carpet


1        Convenience! Only Hoses And A Cleaning Wand Are Brought Into Your Home Or Business


We use a Steam Way® Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction system.  Only a cleaning wand and hoses are brought into your home.  The cleaning machine stays outside in a van.  The recovered wastes from the cleaning process are not recirculated into your home or business.  The wastes are extracted to our specially designed waste recovery system.  It then can be disposed of in accordance with local, state, and federal regulation, safely and properly.

What all of this means to you is simply more convenience and less down time.  Our job is to provide you with the best cleaning job possible and then get out of your way. 



2        We are Recommended by Carpet Manufacturers!


Over 50 carpet mills and fiber producers endorse, recommend or refer to Steam Way® equipped professional carpet cleaners.  Chances are that the company which made your carpet is already recommending Steam Way® Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning.  Steam Way® provides a combination of equipment, cleaning solutions, and training. 

We are not a franchise.  We are locally-owned and family-operated independent service company.  We are supported by Steam Way® the largest network of professional carpet cleaners in the world.  Steam Way® is one of the leading manufacturers of cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions in the entire world.  They are in touch every day with carpet manufacturers, government agencies, and other interested parties to make sure the equipment and cleaning solutions we use provide true state-of-the-art cleaning.  You get the best of both worlds-locally owned and nationally supported


3        Tested and Demonstrated By Government Testing To Improve Quality of Indoor Air


In 1991 and in 1994, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, working in conjunction with Research Triangle Institute, investigated and scientifically tested the effects of truck mounted carpet cleaning upon the quality of the indoor air.  In both tests, Steam Way® Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning was used as a part of the testing.  Results showed emphatically when it properly performed, Steam Way® Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning made the indoor environment a healthier place to live by reducing gas phase organics, biological contamination, and respirable particles.

What this means to you, your families, employees, or customers is easy.  Having your carpet truck-mounted- cleaned does more than improve the appearance of the carpet; it makes your indoor environment healthier.


4        Refreshes Carpet Texture


Steam Way® system of Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning will refresh the texture of your natural or synthetic carpeting.  Many warranties from carpet mills or fiber producers require hot water extraction by a trained professional carpet cleaner every 12-24 months as a provision of the continuance of their warranty.

It is because truck mounted hot water extraction not only improves the appearance of the carpet, it refreshes the texture; it fluffs up the fiber.  It is the only carpet cleaning method which improves texture retention.

Don’t let you carpeting develop that tired and worn out look!  Periodic hot water extraction carpet cleaning will make your carpeting stand up better.


   5       Faster Drying


The so-called dry cleaning methods often brag about how fast the carpet dries after being cleaned.  The truth is, there is no such thing as “dry” cleaning a carpet.  All major methods use moisture in the cleaning process.  In a contest held by a consumer advocate in Denver, Colorado in 1991, four of the five major carpet cleaning methods were judged in a contest to see which method got an extremely soiled carpet the “cleanest.”  The winner was truck mounted hot water extraction.  In the consumer advocate’s summary comments, it said the reasons why hot water extraction was the winner because of the appearance improvement, dried the fastest, and left the least amount of residue. 

How could this be?  How could hot water extraction dry faster than so called dry cleaning methods such as bonnet cleaning, dry foam cleaning, and carbonated cleaning?  The answer is simple.  When cleaning an extremely soiled carpet, if the job is to get the carpet as clean as you can, then with most methods you have to go over and over the carpet again and again.  During this process, the carpet ends up wetter than it did with a “wet” cleaning method.


The dry time for truck mounted hot water extraction carpet cleaning depends upon the amount of soiling, type of carpet, downtime considerations, the ventilation in the building following cleaning, and many other factors. 


Remember Steam Way® Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction employs a vacuum recovery system four to six times more powerful than rental hot water extraction equipment.


Drying time normally is within 1 to 12 hours.  The cleaning techinician will discuss with you your drying considerations.


6.      Carpets Last Longer


Periodic professional cleaning with Steam Way® Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction cleaning will help keep your carpet looking and performing as you intended it to when you bought it.


7.      Hot Water Reduces The Amount of Cleaning Agents Used to Clean Soiled Carpets


The key to cleaning solution with Steam Way® Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning is HOT WATER!  Truck mounted systems have the ability to create cleaning solution temperatures which reduces the amount of cleaning solution needed to clean the carpet.  Temperatures above 130 degrees F at the carpet can only be achieved and maintained by truck mounted equipment.  Those temperatures dissolve many types of soiling and reduce the levels of biological contamination in the carpeting.  These sanitizing temperatures reduce the needed amount of cleaning solutions.  Some dry cleaning methods often heavily depend upon cleaning chemicals and strong solvents, even to clean lightly soiled carpets.  Hotter cleaning solution temperatures allow the carpet to dry faster.


8.      Stays Cleaner Longer and is The Lowest Residue Carpet Cleaning System Available


You can read many claims about carpet cleaning systems and methods in advertising.  Sometimes, the claims are so contradictory, that frustration leads to giving up, not knowing who to believe or turn to.  One of the confusing areas relates to cleaning residues left behind by the various carpet cleaning systems.  Another area of confusion relates to which cleaning system removes the most soiling from the carpet in the first place.


Understand, there is no such thing as good residue left in carpeting after cleaning, whether it be from the cleaning solutions or from unremoved soil.  Steam Way® System has been demonstrated and tested to remove 97% of all soiling and cleaning solution residue following cleaning.  It leaves a carpet closer to the condition it was in when it was new than any other system.  Hot solution pressures remove more soiling, while powerful vacuum systems extract and remove this soiling and the solutions designed to break it down.  The reason is because the key cleaning solution in hot water extraction is hot water, nature’s way of cleaning.


9.      Environment Friendly Exhaust Emissions Meet Strict Government Standards


Steam Way® Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Equipment meets and exceeds strict 1998 Government Exhaust Emission Standards for industrial equipment.  This means you can be assured our equipment that is sitting in our truck in your driveway or in front of your home or business, is operating safely and efficiently; and the exhaust emissions are in compliance with the latest laws designed to protect the outdoor environment.  Truth is, the emissions fall into the same range as properly functioning lawn mowers.  Electrical equipment that is brought into your home to employ other methods of carpet cleaning run up your electrical bill.


10.  Steam Way ® Equipment & Cleaning Solutions Provide State-Of-The-Art Cleaning


Our company isn’t the only carpet cleaner in town.  We are one of few who invest in the exclusive Steam Way® System of carpet cleaning.  The cleaning equipment employs the latest in technology, both from cleaning performance and safety perspectives.  The cleaning solutions are specially selected to provide you with the maximum cleaning job, while being gentle on your carpet fibers and exceeding the warranty standards for most carpeting.  Our comprehensive training program is unequalled by any other system-franchise or not.